Yescomusa: What Camping Can Teach Us

Yescomusa: What Camping Can Teach Us

Camping 101- What You Can Learn 

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For some families, going off to summer camp as a child is a rite of passage. Not only does sending your children away to summer camp teach them new skills and confidence, but it also gives parents a much-needed break. Going off to camp is a unique experience that will build life-long memories. Traditionally, camping can introduce you to new experiences that will bond you and your fellow campers forever. Many campers share ideas, secret codes, and mind-boggling adventures. Spending time in the great outdoors with the ones you love will help you become better, more well-rounded. Let Yescomusa show you much you can learn with just a few days of camping. 


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Self-confidence is an inner quality that can take years to build. Camping, especially as a child, will force you to try new things and put you out of your comfort zone. There are many new things you can try when you go camping, from campfire games to new types of food. When you go camping, you push yourself to your limits and learn more about yourself and the others you are camping with. 



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Roughing it isn’t as easy as you think. Surviving comfortably in the wild takes effort and may require more than one person to thrive. Whether it’s building a tent, searching for firewood, picking berries, fishing, or scavenging, the more hands you have will determine how difficult the task is. However, learning how to work well with others is a skill that can help you throughout your entire life. 


Camping looks fantastic on a professional resume. That is because it shows the employer that you have strong leadership skills. When you’re a leader, you learn conflict resolution, positive feedback, collaboration, social development, and problem-solving. In addition, when you go camping, you are exposed to many different types of personalities that you may have to manage. 

Survival Skills 

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Surviving out in the wild is not as easy as it sounds. Living outdoors can present many challenges. However, learning how to survive out in the wild will help build your self-confidence and help you get out of a sticky situation. Listed below are just a few survival skills you can learn:

Building a Fire. Starting a fire is more challenging than you think- even if you have a lighter. Building a solid campfire takes some practice. First, you have to build an adequately layered fire pit and pick the right dry wood type. But that’s only half the battle! Starting a fire with just two dry sticks takes time and effort. Learning the technique early on will make you an asset in any camping adventure. 

Hunting and Fishing. For some, legal hunting and fishing is a pastime that can bond a group of people. In addition, fishing is a recreational sport that can relieve stress and bring fresh, delicious food to the table. Hunting and fishing, however, is a skill that can take a while to learn. Using the right equipment or bait is only half the battle you have to have the patience and skill to catch something good to eat. 




Take a Look at the Stars. Stargazing and star mapping is an art that is often forgotten, especially if you live in a city where the stars can be scarce. Discover new constellations and star patterns with a high-quality telescope. Learning to read the stars can help you navigate the woods, forest, or any other natural labyrinth. 

Why Camping is Fun 

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Suppose you’ve ever wondered why camping is good for mental health or why camping is suitable for families. In that case, Yescomusa is here to remind you of the myriad of benefits you can enjoy just from spending a few nights camping under the stars. Camping is easy if you have the right equipment. Forget roughing it! We like to make camping for beginners easy!

Camping 101 is all about drafting that perfect camping essentials list. Yescomusa’s creative team collected these camping necessities that make a living outdoors simple. Check out these camping activities that will even make camping with toddlers a breeze. We take care of everything from camping meals and recipes to bedding and games with our camping checklist!  

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We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. So step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way. 

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