Yescomusa: Pressure Washer’s Guide to Removing Germs

Yescomusa: Pressure Washer’s Guide to Removing Germs

Getting Your Home Completely Clean With a Pressure Washer 

It’s that time a year again! Let’s get ready to do some spring cleaning! Whether your home is large or small, there are many no better tool to get into those nooks and crannies than a high-powered pressure washer! Pressure washers provide deep cleaning options for larger surface areas such as floors, walls, and windows, but can also be used on clothes, grills, and curtains.

With the worldwide emergency finally raring to an end, it is more important than ever to remain clean. In this article, yescomusa will be discussing how our heavy duty pressure washer can effectively clean your entire home in minutes!    

 Use Heat To Clean

Hot water speeds up the cleaning process by almost half! Due to the intense heat, pressure washers are preferred cleaning methods because they easily break up dirt and dry faster than other cleaning means. Heated water is also preferred because it helps kill mildew and slow the growth of other unwanted germs. Use temperatures of at least 185°F to effectively destroy germs.  

Add Cleaning Agents

Depending on what you’re cleaning, you may want to use an additional cleaning agent. Cleaning solutions can be added to the tip of the hose to chemically destroy mold, mildew, and other living, illness spreading germs. Cleaning foam speeds up the cleaning process and prevents foreseeable sicknesses. 

High Pressure

Pressure plays an important role in your cleaning process! Before you start cleaning, check your pressure washer’s instructions. Use low pressure on delicate items such as clothing, curtains, and carpets, to prevent damage. High pressure force should be used on concrete, brick, grills, and other hard surfaces. Heavy pressure will remove dirt, oil, grease, paint, and deterrents from various surfaces and areas. 

General Steps For Large Areas

Pressure washers can effectively remove years worth of grime, oil, and deep set dirt within the cracks of driveways, sideways, roads, and other surfaces. Here are some tip on how to get started: 

Step 1. Remove any items or obstructions from your driveway or area. Sweep your area with a large utility broom to clear away small stones, twigs, and loose dirt. 

Step 2. For a cheaper alternative, use baking soda, corn starch, or kitty litter to soak up fresh oil stains. Spread a hefty amount of absorbing solution on top of the excess oil. Let your chosen material sit on your road for about 20-30 minutes or until the stains are fully absorbed. Larger oil spills may need to soak overnight.   

Step 3. After the oil or grease is fully soaked up use a push brown to clear away the debris. For deeper, set in stains, give your surface a light scrub with dish soap and water. If the oil or grease is dried in, apply a generous amount of degreaser solution to the air. Allow 5-10 minutes to soak in and use a bristle brush to gently scrub. Rinse away when done. 

Step 4. Hot water pressure washers work best for dirt that is deeply embedded in your driveway or concrete surface. This is because heat breaks down grease and oil on a molecular level. If you are using a chemical substance in your pressure washer be sure that the solution is safe for your machine or you will risk damaging your machine. 

Step 5. Spray the driveway cleaning, paying special attention to deeply soiled areas and dirty spots. 


Step 6. When the surface is completely dry it is time to add the first layer of concrete sealant. This adds a protective layer to your surface, shielding it from harsh weather. The concrete sealant can be applied with a paint roller or brush. Wait for the sealant to dry to apply a second coat of sealant on the opposite layer. 

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