Yescomusa: Pool Party Planning 2021 Trends

Yescomusa: Pool Party Planning 2021 Trends

How to Throw an Amazing Pool Party 

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Summer is almost here and we can all admit that it is getting hot! So hot, that it can make you feel sluggish, unproductive, and uninspired. However, as the recent worldwide pandemic comes to a close most of us can finally break out of our homes and enter the world. No doubt, we’ve missed a lot, so its time to rekindle old relationships and catch up with the ones we missed the most. It’s time to make use of that pool and throw a party. 

Pool parties are great because it keeps the mess outdoors. Even with the loosening of physical distancing restrictions if you plan on getting a larger group together it is a good idea to keep it outside. Pool parties will help you beat the heat while satisfying your need for social interaction. Here is how Yescomusa can help you get started. 

Easy Appetizers and Drinks

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Nothing makes a party like the food, but who wants to spend all day slaving over a hot stove? Cooking for large groups doesn’t have to be in the kitchen all day. Consider quick and easy dishes that can be made with a countertop deep fryer! Deep fryers can be used to make everything from vegan to vegetarian recipes as well as your favorite meaty dishes. Generally speaking, most deep fried treats can cook in minutes! So never run out of delicious treats regardless of any uninvited guest. 

Running out of ice is an embarrassing party foul. Take your party’s destiny into your own hands when you purchase a countertop ice shaving machine! These heavy duty, stainless steel, machines create an endless amount of shaved ice which is perfect for margaritas, snow cones, mojitos, or any other icy beverage.   


Pick a Theme  

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Every great party needs a theme. This will make it fun for people who may decide that they do not want to get in the water. Consider incorporating your pool in your theme. Themes such as pirates, beaches, ocean, tropical, or even outer space ideas work well if you have a pool in your backyard. Regardless of your theme, picking a focus is a great way for everyone to ease back into their normal social routines because it offers an even ground to break the ice.   

Keep it Clean

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 There is no doubt that a dirty pool will ruin your entire party. Sand pool filters can filter out micro pollutants while using less energy than traditional filters. These tiny, but powerful engines can eliminate strange colors, foul odors, and other elements that can make you sick. Sand pool filters are also generally cheaper than other types of filters. 

Organized Pool Toys. If you have a pool, then you’re likely to own some pool toys. A messy pool area is not only sloppy looking and uninspiring, but it can also be dangerous. If you do not organize your pool toys then you risk your guests tripping over them, damaging yourself and others. Keep it cute, and organize your belongings. 

Solar Powered Pool Shower


Hygiene is more important now than ever before. As a common courtesy it is important to shower both before you get in the pool so you can wash off any excess sweat, perfumes or lotions, and show afterwards to raise the chlorine from your clothes, skin, and hair before it causes damage. 

Floating Bars/ Grills

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Never miss out on the fun, just because you’re the host. Enjoy your party while taking care of your guests with a floating grill and bar! That’s right! Grill your favorite foods while enjoying the cool, gentle waves of your pool! Not worried about grilling? In that case get a floating bar! Why leave the comfort of your pool to drag puddles around your backyard? 

Luxury Swimming Pool Accessories 

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Swimming pool accessories and toys are key to any pool time experience. Whether you’re looking for luxury swimming pool accessories or pool accessories for mom, choosing the right pool accessories can make or break your party. Forget about luxury swimming pool accessories and make your pool toys yourself. Creating custom pool toys is easy and you can get them exactly how you want them. 



Yescomusa Dominates the Wholesale Market 

Are you interested in wholesale products? Then you know that not all wholesale distributors are created equal. While many wholesale vendors have suffered during 2020, we have strived to put the needs of our customers first. Not only have we been able to withstand the negatives of 2020, but we’ve actually grown our wholesale client base.

Though 2020 has presented many wholesale suppliers with challenges such as slow delivery, low inventory, and staffing issues, we have focused on our wholesale buyers and provided them with various options that we are sure will help them succeed. Whether you have a home business, retail storefront, or offer a service, Yescomusa can help. Check out our office supplies, home goods, sporting goods, and electronics. We have what you need for your business.   

Save More This Summer With Yescomusa 

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We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way. 

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