Pampering Mother's Day Gifts

When we think of our moms, we think of someone that has always been there for us, someone who has always provided a shoulder to cry on, and someone who loved us even when we were unlovable. Mother’s Day is the one day a year that reminds us of that special woman in our lives and gives us the opportunity to show our appreciation. Yescomusa is here with the best creature comforts in 2021! 

Bathtub Caddy 

A glass of wine, a long movie, and some warm bubbles. A long, relaxing bath can melt away the stress of the week. Make bathtime more convenient with a bathtub caddy. Our bamboo tray has specific slots that are made for your cellphone, tablet, glass, and other pampering products.

Bathtub Caddy


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This Bathtub Caddy Tray High-Quality several compartments & slots to keep items in place without worrying about falling into the water. There are 3 slots and 1 metal rack for holding tablets or books in the middle of the tray, and you can adjust the reading angle as you like.

Portable Sauna Tent    

Let’s face it; public steam rooms can get awkward. Get all the benefits of a steam tent, plus comfortable privacy in your own home with a portable sauna tent. These tiny steam rooms feature a comfy chair and space from your arms and head so you could practice other activities while steaming. Some benefits from portable steam rooms include: 

  1. dClears the skin 
  2. Removes toxins 
  3. Relieves tensions 
  4. Reduces stress 
  5. Helps with weight loss 
  6. Clears sinuses 
  7. Promotes healthy blood flow 
  8. Increases flexibility 

Portable Steam Sauna Tent


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A steam tent sauna is the best way to detox and relax at home. The portable sauna tent features a chair and arm space so you can stay busy as you sweat out the toxins in your body. Experience the benefits of a spa at home with a sauna tent! 

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa

An ionic foot bath is a foot soaking tub that uses water energized with positive and negative ions or electrolytes that draw toxins from your body through your feet. The process exchanges the positive and negative ions in your body and their opposite numbers in the water. There are many benefits to using an ionic detox foot bath spa. Here is a quick list of benefits to using an ionic detox foot bath spa. 

  1. Improves lymph circulation 
  2. Reduces and relieves headaches 
  3. It helps improve skin conditions 
  4. Increases energy level 
  5. Improves sleep 
  6. Boosts your immune system 
  7. Relieves muscle and joint pain and swelling 
  8. Helps with weight loss 

Ionic Detox Foot Bath


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Nothing beats the relaxing feeling of soaking tired feet in warm water and doing a detox foot spa after a hard day's work. Buying this Ionic Foot Bath Tub Basin, It can use with ionic detox foot bath machine systems or on its own. Suitable for home, personal, beauty club, and spa club foot massage to enjoy your foot spa.

 Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Massage Machine

Our leg and foot massaging machine kneads away stress! With 3 custom modes, you can adjust the strength and roll of the massage to your liking. Our massaging devices use shiatsu massage techniques to penetrate the muscles deeply. Shiatsu approach is a form of therapeutic massage from Japan that uses kneading, pressing, smoothing, tapping, and stretching techniques to reduce muscle stiffness and influence the nervous system. Shiatsu massage is known to help with:

  1. Headaches 
  2. pmS
  3. Digestive disorders 
  4. Aids in digestion 
  5. Improves sleepy 
  6. Fibromyalgia 
  7. Stress 
  8. Anxiety 
  9. Musculoskeletal pain 

Kneading Foot/Leg Massager Machine


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Our shiatsu leg foot massager is the perfect way to relax after a long day. The heavy-duty foot and calf massager deeply penetrates to soothe the muscles and relieve pain. Simply adjust the kneading pressure of your machine to your liking and relax. 

Hollywood Vanity Mirror 

This Hollywood vanity mirror is designed to make you feel like a superstar! The bright and dimmable bulbs surround the entire mirror giving you the perfect amount of lighting to apply your makeup without missing a spot. 

Hollywood Vanity Mirror


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Never miss a spot with our light-uptabletop/wall Hollywood vanity mirror. Our mirror was made for the professional makeup artist or makeup enthusiast as it is large and bright enough for you to see every angle and get camera-ready! Don’t just dream about being a star; look like one too!


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