Yescomusa: How To Plan the Perfect Date This Mother’s Day

Yescomusa: How To Plan the Perfect Date This Mother’s Day

Creative Mother’s Day Gifts

Step away from the traditional bouquet of flowers and the uninspiring macaroni necklaces and let’s get creative this year! Sure, every mother enjoys jewelry, but we’re sure that they will all agree that time spent is much more valuable, especially if you’re a busy adult. Do something special this year and share an experience rather than simply giving a gift. Yescomusa is here to help guide you through these perfect and creative Mother’s Day Date Ideas. 

DIY Home Spa   

There is no place like the spa- this year bring the spa home with you! Depending on where you live, spas may be opening up in your area, but that doesn’t mean that they are safe, and they tend to be more expensive. When you bring the spa home with you, you don’t have to worry about physical distancing, privacy, time restrictions, or running out of wine! Here are a few items to help you get started: 

Portable Steam Sauna Tent

Sauna tents are necessary for any home spa! Not only are these portable devices easy to store, assemble, and take apart, but they offer a myriad of health benefits as well. Some of these health benefits include:

  1. Aids in weight loss 
  2. Detoxifies the body 
  3. Relieves stress 
  4. Relieves muscle soreness 
  5. Improve cardiovascular health 
  6. Decongest sinuses 
  7. Fights cellulite  

Foot Soaking Tub 

Let the stress of the day melt away with a foot-soaking tub spa! Soaking your feet after a long day is an amazing way to relax and relieve soreness. Any mother that spends more of their day on her feet will appreciate a detoxing soak. Some pro of detoxing include:

  1. Boosting your metabolism
  2. Reviving your body’s ability to burn fat effectively
  3. Ridding your body of toxin-loaded fat cells
  4. Decreasing cellulite
  5. Helping you reach and sustain a healthy body weight

Foot Massager


Detoxing your feet is only the first step! End your foot soaking session with a deep tissue massage! A deep tissue, shiatsu massager penetrates the muscles and offers a myriad of benefits. Some of which include: 

  1. Improved circulation 
  2. Prevents foot and ankle injuries 
  3. Reduces depression and anxiety 
  4. Helps with headaches and migraines 
  5. Lowers blood pressure 

Cooking Class   

Never waste money on an expensive cooking course when you can learn from the master herself! Let your mom teach you a recipe or learn something new together. Youtube has  millions of videos that feature any dish you can possibly imagine! Sharing a memory is the perfect way to bond with your mother. You need the right equipment, however. Let us help you get started: 

 Countertop Griddle

Countertop griddles are heavy-duty, powerful, and easy to clean. The splash guards protect your counter from grease and hot oil while the flat grill evenly heats your food. Each stainless steel panel makes it super easy to wipe and the grease trap makes it easy to collect and dispose of grease.


Save More This Summer With Yescomusa 

We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way.

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