Yescomusa: Guide to Outdoor Cooking, Picnics and BBQ's

Yescomusa: Guide to Outdoor Cooking, Picnics and BBQ's

Easy Camping Meals For The Family 

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The world is finally reopening, which means it’s time to step outside and enjoy the fresh air this summer. There is no better way to enjoy the summer than sharing a delicious meal with your close friends, family, or co-workers. Traditionally, many cultures bond over enjoying a good meal, however, cooking outside is an art. While you battle with the elements and wild pests you must still remember to cook your food evenly- it is a constant struggle. That’s why Yescomusa has come up with our comprehensive guide to cooking outdoors.


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Preparation is key to the success of any meal, but necessary when you’re away from your kitchen. Plan your meals ahead of time so you can ensure you’ll have everything to need while you’re out. Measure your ingredients so you don’t over or under-pack. 

Freeze your meat. Freezing your meats will help you keep your meat for longer. This is particularly helpful if you are camping or spending more than one night away from home. Keeping your meat frozen will also keep the temperature in your cooler down. 

Pre Chop. Chopping up your meats and vegetables ahead of time will not only save you minutes but cut down on bacteria and other contaminants that can get into your food while you’re preparing it. When you avoid making a mess at the camp you also cut down on the chance of wildlife entering your site. 

Use Containers. Rather than keeping food out, use as many containers as you can. Place your pre-chopped fruits and vegetables in ziplock bags or Tupperware. Use squeeze bottles to store things like pancake batter, scrambled eggs, oils, and condiments.    



Where Can You Cook Outdoors?

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Just because the great outdoors is vast and wide, does not mean that you can just cook anywhere you like. Due to safety reasons, it is imperative to cook in the right spot to reduce the risk of danger. Here are some tips on picking the right spot to set up your cooking station. 

Coverage. Only cook under an open sky. This means, do not set up your BBQ under any roof or enclosed area. To avoid trapped smoke which can trigger asthma and other respiratory illnesses only cook in open spaces. Avoid cooking near trees to restrict the amount of debris that can fall on your food. 

Fire Safety. Basic fire safety and first aid knowledge will help you stay safe while cooking. One of the most important tips is to keep the area around the fire clear and level to avoid tripping. You should also avoid cooking with a gas flame while burning a campfire at the same time. Be sure to always wear your gloves and use tongs to handle the food. When camping, you should keep a standard first aid kit on hand. Ensure that it is stocked with burn ointment and bandages in the event that someone gets burned. It is also extra important to avoid cooking in areas with high fire risk. Always check with the park rangers before lighting an open flame while camping.

The Clean Up

Remember to clean up as soon as you’re finished eating to reduce the risk of wildlife intruding on your camp. Whether you’re cooking in your backyard, or on a campsite, insects are everywhere and can carry diseases into your food. Listed below are some tips on a quick and easy clean-up.

Coat the Outside of Pots and Pans. Before you begin cooking, considering coating the outside of your pots and pans with dish soap. This will help cut cleaning time in half as it will protect the pot from any food that may fall on the outside of it.

Heat Cleaning Water. While you’re eating be sure to heat your cleaning water. Cleaning with warm water will make the entire process easier and faster. 



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We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way. 
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