Yescomusa: Go Green this St Patrick’s Day: Starting an Outdoor Vegetable Garden From Scratch

Yescomusa: Go Green this St Patrick’s Day: Starting an Outdoor Vegetable Garden From Scratch

How to Start Your Vegetable Garden 

The summer is right around the corner, it is time to get your garden ready! If you’ve never tasted fresh garden veggies then you’re missing out. There is nothing more delicious and natural than growing your own juicy vegetables and preparing them yourself. Whether you plan on having a larger garden or a smaller boxed garden the secret to success is starting early. In this article, Yescomusa will explain the basics of starting your vegetable garden and how you can grow the tastiest greens in your home! 

Start Your Garden Inside

To ensure strong roots and healthy leaves we suggest starting your garden indoors using either a grow light or a grow tent. These simple and compact devices create the perfect, professional system you need to start a fruitful garden. Once you have strong, healthy plants, you know they are ready to go outside.

How to Pick the Right Spot For Your Garden 

Where you place your garden is vital to the health of your greens. If you pick the wrong spot for your vegetables you run the risk of starving them or slowing their growth. Pay attention to these few tips:

Plant in a Sunny Location. This may seem pretty obvious to most people, however many do not take into consideration the changing of seasons. As the Earth travels across the universe different amounts of sunlight will hit your garden at different angles. When choosing a spot for your garden be sure to pick a place where the light will hit your garden for at least six hours away.

Always Plant in Moist, Drained Soil. It is imperative that you keep your soil moist, but not too wet. If your garden tends to hold water then raise the vegetables in a box or lifted bed to improve the drainage. If your roots get too wet they rot and ultimately kill your vegetables. 

Keep the Environment in Mind. Do not plant in areas where there are strong winds, heavy shading, or animal interference. If need be, protect your garden with a fence, or lift it above ground to avoid tampering by children or animals. 

Arranging Your Vegetables 

If you’re planting multiple vegetables in your garden then the order in which you plant them is extremely important due to shading and root growth. Plant taller plants such as corn and sunflowers on the north side of your garden so that they don’t shade the other plants. 

Understand that some plants harvest faster than others. This is important to plant your garden because you’re going to want your faster harvesting plants to be planted in the forefront so that they’re easier to get to. 

While you’re considering the position of your plants, also consider the time of year that you’re planting on. Most expert gardeners stagger their plants so that they harvest at different times. Planing your vegetable weeks apart will ensure that you have a harvest that can continuously grow.  

Grow Your Garden with Yescomusa

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We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way. 
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