Yescomusa: Exciting New Technology Necessary for the New Normal

Yescomusa: Exciting New Technology Necessary for the New Normal

Role of Technology in New Normal 

yescomusa, new normal, technology

Digital is the New Normal. 2021 has changed a lot and to get through it there are a few key points that we need to remember. Great hygiene, modern technology, and positive energy! The New Year is the best time to begin new practices, leave bad energy behind, and obtain new goals. Yescomusa is here to give you the best start to the new year! 

New Normal Information Technology 

yescomusa, new normal, tech

Due to the worldwide danger that presented itself in 2020 many of us have changed our normal day-to-day activities. Statewide restrictions have regulated social gatherings and implemented physical distancing rules. These restrictions have affected our jobs, family lives, and social interactions. This is why digital communication has become so important. From Zoom parties to telemedicine, technology has become vital to everyday living. Yescomusa has always been one step ahead of your needs, check out these products that will evaluate your life. 




Keep Your Air Clean 

Air quality is important especially in 2021. Cleaner air, meaning healthier living. With our Activated Carbon Anionic Odor Remover, you can keep the air in your home or office fresh and clean during these confusing times. This heavy-duty odor remover destroys harmful particles in the air that can make you ill. Remove bad odors, smoke, dust, pet dander, and other harmful airborne hazards in seconds with this high-powered machine. 




Keep Your Home Clean  

Though air quality is very important, the cleanliness of your home is just as vital to your health. Use a multifunctional steam cleaner to professionally clean your home. This high powered steamer works on carpets, clothes, curtains, furniture, cars, windows, mirrors and much more! The 1.5L water tank heats to a maximum 222oF to effectively penetrate materials for a complete and deep clean.  




Minimize the Spread of Germs

Did you know that faucet handles can sometimes hold up to 229,000 germs? Bacteria spreads rapidly, without you even knowing. However, that does not mean that we can’t slow down the spread. With a touchless faucet you can set the water temperature from cold, warm, and hot to effectively wash your hands without touching any knobs or fixtures. 



Sneeze Guards

So sneeze guards may not be as technical, or even electronic, but they are a must in 2021, especially if you own a business. Our acrylic sneeze guard is 6 mm thick and can protect your employees and customers as they interact. In certain situations physical distancing is nearly impossible, a sneeze guard is a perfect solution. These plastic guards are ideal for nail salons, behind cash registers, or any other business where interactions are inevitable. 

Get your Zoom Game Together

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Whether it's for work or for social connection, Zoom is more important than ever when it comes to communication. However, it takes a lot of trust to allow someone into your home. Forget about creating a perfect background and simply use a green screen backdrop. That way, you can set up your background wherever your imagination takes you. From deep space to the center of the ocean the possibilities are endless with a high quality green screen.  

Maximize Home Workouts 

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With most gyms being closed, it is still important to stay in shape. However, there is only so much you can do in your own home. With a vibration plate, you can get the most out of your home aerobic, yoga, of weight lifting exercises. Vibration machines are used to tone the body and flex the muscles. Through rapid vibrations, the board causes the muscles in the body to contract and release the stress hormone called cortisol. Though this does not aid in weight loss, it does help you tone the muscles and relieve stress. These portable exercise boards are the new trend to maximizing your workouts!

Stay Safe the Year with Yescomusa

We all know that during these times, things are going to be different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way. 
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