Archery 101: Safety Rules for Archery

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Archery is an amazingly fun hobby that can exercise your muscles, hand-eye coordination and even, your social skills. Chances are, if you try archery, you’re going to want to bring the fun home with you and practice all the time. Building a backyard range is easier than you think and can bring you hours of fun and entertainment, regardless of if you’re in a city or rural area. Your shooting range can be used year round as a safe way to exercise and improve your aim. 

Check Community Guidelines

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Before you build anything, be sure to check your local city and community guidelines. Due to safety concerns, some communities refrain their citizens from discharging “weapons” inside the city or town. Consider asking your town hall or contacting your local law-enforcement office. Learn where you can safely practice and what rules are important to know when shooting outside. 


Construct a Backdrop 

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Once you have confirmed that your town or city will allow you to build your own shooting range, it is time to get to work. Start by building a backdrop to catch the arrows that miss the target. A strong backdrop is important because it will prevent errant arrows from damaging property or injuring people. Backdrops can be made from almost any padding that is thick and stackable. Think about using stacks of hay, pillows, plywood, or even densely compressed foam plastic to thicken a backdrop that can safely block arrows. 

Create a Target Board

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Commonly, most targets are made from sandbags or foam blocks. Sandbags make great targets as they are lightweight and feature easy arrow removal. Most bags, however, only offer two-sides for shooting and do not last as long as foam blocks. Foam blocks are heavy duty units that can take shots from multiple sides. Although foam blocks are more durable, they are bulky and cumbersome which can deter most enthusiasts. 

Remember to Keep it Fun 


When building your targets do not forget to keep them fun! Instead of choosing traditional targets, be a little more creative and think outside of the box. Build targets that resemble Tic-tac-toe boards or use different color balloons, filled with confetti or other surprise contents. Create a point system so that you and your partner can keep score. 

What Hobbies Should I Try?

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As adults it is easy to forget about the things we used to love. From sports, to gardening, to arts and crafts, many adults are looking back to things they enjoyed as a child to entertain them today. Free time has sparked old interests. 

Nowadays, we’re way too busy taking care of our families and focusing on our careers, than thinking about ourselves. Whether you’re interested in home decor, gardening, outdoor cooking, or health and beauty, we have exactly what you need to focus on yourself and grow your passion.     

Aliza Sherman Risdahl, writer and entrepreneur, concludes that, “The pandemic has forced me to be more isolated than ever before but also to rely on my extended family, and it's given me a chance to get to know them better. It has stripped me of most of my income," Risdahl said. "It has compounded the stress our family has been under due to a series of health scares over the last year and the resulting crippling expenses, but it also has reminded us of what is truly important: family and loved ones."

Are you bored and looking to try something new? That’s why we’re here! We understand how hobbies reduce stress, and what hobbies improve mental health. Our hard working creative team put together our collection of fun, and unique activities that’ll remind you why hobbies are important. Take a look at our inventory and get inspired by our seasonal work. 


According to recent studies, hobbies invite a sense of fun and freedom. Thankfully this minimizes the effects of chronic stress. Hobbies are particularly helpful for those who are overwhelmed with their job, or feel anxious about their financial or family situations. This is because it gives you something positive to look forward to at the end of the day or week. 

Hobbies tell alot about you, hobbies can help your career, hobbies can make you money, and hobbies can also make you friends. Regardless of your hobby, consider joining a community to upi  grow your skills. Check out our ultimate gardening guide and other DIY projects that make great hobbies!   

Why Home Improvement is Important 

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Though we can’t tell you how to get a home improvement loan or what home improvement loans can be used for we can help you with creating your fantasy home on a budget! Your home is where the heart is so it is vital to your mental health that you create a space where you can feel safe and grow. Whether you’re living with family or alone, keeping a clean and organized home is a direct reflection of your mental state. Upgrade your home to upgrade your quality of life. 

Yescomusa is known for our high quality home improvement and diy merchandise. Our home improvement online store focuses on up to date home improvement trends and home improvement projects. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can discover new techniques and building strategies in our home improvement blogs. We focus on affordable upgrades. With a little creativity you build your dream home within your budget. Home improvement help starts here. Check out our home and garden collection to get inspired. 

You don’t have to break the bank to kick off your home improvement adventure! Start off small, even the simplest home upgrades can make a big difference. Whether you have a big home, or a smaller apartment, you can change the entire vibe with a fresh coat of paint! Your home is your palace- take the time out to make it great. 

Yescomusa Dominates the Wholesale Market 

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Are you interested in wholesale products? Then you know that not all wholesale distributors are created equal. While many wholesale vendors have suffered during 2020, we have strived to put the needs of our customers first. As a result, not only have we been able to withstand the negatives of 2020, but we’ve grown our wholesale client base.

Though 2020 has presented many wholesale suppliers with challenges such as slow delivery, low inventory, and staffing issues, we have focused on our wholesale buyers and provided them with various options that we are sure will help them succeed. Whether you have a home business, retail storefront, or offer a service, Yescomusa can help. Check out our office supplies, home goods, sporting goods, and electronics. We have what you need for your business.   

Save More This Summer With Yescomusa 

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We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. So step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way. 

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