Winter Safety Tips 

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Depending on where you live, you may be more likely to experience weather change throughout the seasons. For most, the winter, in particular, exposes us to some of the harshest weather conditions. Icy weather will affect your health and can even damage your property. This winter 2020, it is more important to focus on our well being more than ever. As always, Yescomusa is here to provide you with precisely what you need to survive the weather! Take a look at our quick and easy tips!   

4 Tips For Surviving Winter Weather

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1. Check The Forecast

We all know that the forecast is always subject to change. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to the winter weather. When meteorologists call for a large amount of snowfall, you want to be prepared and have a snow removal plan if it snows in your state. If your state is snow-free, be sure to protect yourself and your property from cold air. Use a multipurpose steamer to clean the frost off your car’s windshield or your home windows.   

 This brand-new 1500W Powerful 1.5L Multifunctional Steam Cleaner use hot-pressure steam to deeply clean with 4.0 bar work pressure. Great for using at home to eliminate carpet, floor, car, clothes, windows, machines, air conditioners, etc.

2. Keep An Emergency Kit In Your Home And Car


At one point or another, we are all caught off guard by winter weather. Prepare for these occasions by packing an emergency kit in your vehicle or at home.

 Experts recommend that your emergency kit include:

  1.  Ice melt (like rock salt or sand)
  2. Snow removal tools
  3. Heat source if you lose heat
  4. Cold-weather attire, coats, and blankets
  5. Emergency names/numbers
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Buying this 2pcs Off Road Traction Boards Recovery Tire Traction Mat, it can prevent your vehicle's tires from spinning when stuck in snow, mud or sand.

We would also recommend some snacks and bottled water if you didn’t get out to get groceries.

3. Create A Snow-Removal Plan

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Be prepared by having a plan of attack before the snow begins to fall. Ensure you have adequate supplies for snow removal on hand and refill items like salt or sand before inventory gets low.

If you’d rather leave your snow removal to someone else, you can also hire a snow-removal contractor. Rest assured that the snow around your home will be removed without any detailed work on your part.

4. Take the Time Out To Have Some Winter Fun

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Shoveling snow and scraping ice off your car windows is far from fun. However, hot cocoa, skiing, and building snowman are just a few fun aspects of winter. If you bundle up and take a walk, start a snowball fight with friends, or go sledding, you’ll make the most of the season! Keep warm with battery-powered electric, heated gloves, and enjoy the snow without negatively affecting your health.  

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This Electric Heated Gloves Warming Battery Powered Gloves made of soft polyester fiber, you will feel very comfortable when wearing it. It's a perfect Winter gift for yourself, lover, friends, parents, man, women and kids. 

4 Home and Design Tips For Winter

Use Solar String Lights 

Save money on electricity while being kind to the environment. Use LED solar string lights to add holiday cheer to the outside of your home without connecting to a power source. Be creative with your holiday decor this year. These energy-efficient lights can be strung around Christmas wreaths, bushes, trees, or any outside area!  

Lighted Spiral Christmas Tree 

Celebrate the holidays without the fuss. These easy to set up LED spiral light trees are powered by a battery and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The spiral tree has seven built-in lighting effects to help you build the exact ambiance you desire. 

Use a Space Heater to Enjoy Your Patio 

If you enjoy your patio but find it hard to deal with the harsh weather, consider getting a portable space heater! Our space heaters have three different heat settings that can be applied to a wide range of areas. While making very little noise, this flame resistant machine automatically cuts off the temperature when it reaches 194.

Keep the Cold Out With a Canopy Tent 

Whether you’re covering your car or just trying to lock in that extra heat from your space heater, a canopy tent is a great way to keep warm and a staple addition to any yard or outdoor recreational area. 

Celebrate The Holidays with Yescomusa 

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Christmas 2020 is going to be different from any other than we have ever experienced. Due to the current world-wide emergency, many of us are being asked to stay at home rather than visit. This is what makes gift giving more important that ever this year! Join our rewards program and start saving! 

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