Reopening Small Business Checklist

Reopening Small Business Checklist

How to Reopen your Business Safely

You’ve been waiting for a while, and now it is time to reopen your business. We at Yescom are just as excited as you are! When you reopen your business, however, you have to do it in the right way. Mistakes during these sensitive times can be costly and cause your business to suffer and even close down. We want you to succeed. Here are a few tips on how to safely reopen your business. 

Hire a Professional Cleaning Crew 

Now more than ever, American consumers are paying close attention to cleanliness. Your place of business needs to be spotless in order to inspire customer confidence and ensure the safety of your guests. A clean place of business is a healthy place of business so it is a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service. Cleanings should be done daily to reduce the chances of spreading germs. 

Continue Practicing Social Distancing

Just because you are reopening doesn’t mean that things are going to be the same. Depending on your state, you may have to adhere to social distancing rules. This could mean that you have to limit the number of customers allowed in your place of business and how close they stand next to one another. 

If your place of business requires guests to wait online, use reflective tape to mark the floor so guests can respect the 6-foot distance rule. 

Consider restructuring your office or sales floor to encourage distance. The CDC suggests using physical barriers such as traffic cones to remind your employees and customers to acknowledge this important ordinance. 

If an employee can work from home, let them. Limit the number of employees in the office and comply with the government's suggestion to stagger or rotate shifts. 

Monitor the Health of your Employees  

Unfortunately, the likelihood of one of your employees becoming ill is moderate. Create a plan to observe employee health and how you would handle a positive case. Make sure that all of your employees understand which symptoms they should be looking out for. They should understand their time off policies and should be encouraged to stay home if they’re not feeling well. 

All this information should be readily available in digital and paper form. Place pamphlets and reading material that clearly details your company guidelines. Display your literature in a collapsible stand and place it in a common area that is accessible to all employees.   

Personal Protective Equipment 

Your state may require you, your employees, and your customers to wear protective gear while on the premises. It is good practice to provide face coverings at the workplace.

 Supply these to both your employees and customers before they enter your place of business with an outside popup display. 

For more tips, check out this safety planning checklist. 

Yescom is Here to Help You Reopen in the Best Way

Yescom has everything you need to successfully open your business. Check out our collection of sidewalk signs and banners that will help you successfully market your company. Reopening is important, do it in the smartest way possible.

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