New Halloween 2020 Trend: DIY Drive-Through Haunted Houses

New Halloween 2020 Trend: DIY Drive-Through Haunted Houses

Drive-Through Haunted Houses

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 Due to the worldwide crisis, Halloween will not be the same in 2020. However, with a little creativity, it can be just as creepy. Yescomusa has discovered the growing trend of drive-through haunted houses! Popular in Los Angeles and New York, these spooky sites are popping up in driveways, parking lots, empty streets, and cul-de-sacs all over, as safe alternatives to trick or treating. You don’t have to be an event planner or have a lot of money to plan your safe Halloween Haunted House Adventure! 

Where to Get Started 

Get inspired by professional immersive experiences such as Los Angeles’ “Stranger Things Drive-into Experience.” Your DIY drive-through scene does not have to be as fancy as this professional production, but take note and consider following a particular theme. 

When planning your drive-through haunted house, first consider how much space you have. Empty parking lots and cul-de-sacs work great for drive-through haunted houses! The more space, the better. 

Pick a Tent 

A high-quality tent is an essential part of your Haunted House. Not only do you want a tent that is large enough to fit any type of car and has strong enough panels to hold your Halloween décor. Your tent will be the shell of your Haunted House, but you don’t have to spend too much time building it. Choose party tents that are easy to assemble with a strong framework.

Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors to get involved! Set up your tents back to back and have the neighborhood kids judge whose horror tent is the best. Here are some tips on creating the perfect creepy atmosphere in your tent! 

Set the Mood

There is nothing that sets a spookier mood like a fog machine! A thick smoke creeping out of your tent will excite the audience and create the perfect hair-raising atmosphere. Adding a fog machine to your décor fits almost any Halloween theme and décor. 

Add Digital Effects

Using a projector to create animated Halloween effects is an amazing way to display multiple stories and loops with minimal cleanup or preparation. Setting up your projector inside of your Halloween Drive Through Party Tent is easy. Expect a clear and bright picture due to the darkness inside of the tent. Depending on the quality of your Halloween projection, you may need a projection screen, however, many projections can be used directly onto the tent. 

Sound-Activated, Light-up, Moving Halloween Props 

Regardless of your theme, your décor should pop! Use animated Halloween props such as sound-activated, light-up ghouls or crawling zombies! Place poseable skeletons in compromising positions to create an interesting storyline in your Haunted House. 

Physical Distance Scaring

Add a surprise element to your Haunted tent by sneaking in a secret guest for a personalized spook! Among your décor, be sure to include a human being in a terrifying costume who is perfectly trained to give that individual scare! Throw water balloons, silly string, or foam body parts at unsuspecting house guests! 

Eerie Sound Effects

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Whether you’re playing Halloween music or spooky midnight horror sounds, creepy noises are a necessity to any Haunted House. Use a strong set of speakers to amplify the sound in your tent and encourage the spooky mood! 

Get Creative and Celebrate Halloween 2020 

We all know that this Halloween is going to be different this year, but let us make it one to remember! Either plan a scavenger hunt, create a drive-through Haunted House, or just celebrate with a small group at home. Whatever you do, Yescom just wishes you a safe holiday. Start decorating your home now! Check out our spooky Halloween collection and get inspired by our merchandise!


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  • Marc Mendoza
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  • Danee

    This is super cool especially with everything going on with Covid. I am a big Halloween fan and for years have watched similar TV specials with neighborhood drive thru spaces. I thoroughly enjoyed this article.

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