Kid's Guide: Top Creative Uses for a WinSpin Prize Wheel

Kid's Guide: Top Creative Uses for a WinSpin Prize Wheel

Spin Wheel Ideas For Kids

These days keeping kids interested and focused is a struggle. Technology has made so many options accessible that sometimes we can get distracted and fall into an unhealthy routine. A dry-erase spin wheel is an amazing and unique way to keep life interesting, exciting, and fair. Here is our list of fun things you never expected you could doe with a spin wheel.

Age Appropriate Education 

Regardless of your child’s age, you can use a Winspin spin wheel as a creative educational tool. For example, younger children who are just learning to read will enjoy spinning the wheel, reading the name of a farm animal on it and making that sound.

Older children might enjoy more complex math games or betting games such as the famous game Wheel of Fortune. Keep track of points and letters on a dry erase board.

Fun Workouts

Worried about your kids keeping physically active this summer? If your child hates working out, the spin wheel could be a great option to make an exercise routine exciting. By mixing normal exercise routines such as jumping jacks, push-ups, and pedal exercises with fun and silly movements such as dancing for 3 minutes straight or practicing your kid’s favorite superhero kicks and punch moves, you a ensure and unconventional but fun workout everyone can enjoy. Be sure to have a few different options that include using workout equipment so that everyone gets designated time on each tool.   

To Split Chores

It is easy to get frustrated when your daily routine includes doing chores you don’t like. Though it is important to learn how to clean up after yourself, when you live with others, cleaning becomes a joint responsibility. Generally, children have their preferences when it comes to housework. To keep everything fair have each kid spin the wheel themselves and complete whatever chore the pointer lands on. This is a great way to keep things interesting and fair because one person won’t always get stuck doing the same task.

Keep kids organized by having a place for everything. Use a colorful categorized shelf to help kids remember where objects should be placed. 

Giving Small Rewards 

Rewarding your kids after they successfully complete a task is a great method in keeping them motivated, focused, and goal orientated. The prizes on the spin wheel should be small and simple enough so that the wheel can be used frequently. Prizes such as having a healthy snack or staying up an extra half-hour after bedtime are great options because they are affordable and won’t cause too much harm if overused. 

Routines can get boring, especially for children. Teach your kids how to put down their electronic devices and add break the normal routine with a little randomness! Yescom is here with everything you need to keep your kids busy all summer long! 

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