Invest In Your Garden; Reap the Rewards.

Invest In Your Garden; Reap the Rewards.

Garden Upgrade Ideas

Did the gardening bug bite you too? Since many of us have spent more time at home alot of us have decided to start our own gardens. With much more time on our hands, we’ve tried out luck on several new plants and while some have have success, others have struggled due to inexperience. Building your garden is easy. If you’re looking to enjoy your garden this summer check out Yescomusa’s guide to smart investments on garden products.

Start Inside

The secret to a robust, powerful garden is strong seedling! Surprisingly, the most important growth happens when your plant is the youngest. That is because at this fragile stage, seedlings are susceptible to harmful sicknesses and parasites.

Start growing your plants indoors. Use a high powered grow light or grow tent to make sure your plants grow in the best conditions. Whether you use a homegrown or store bought fertilizer give your plants all the nutrients they need before you move them outside.

Lay Down the Groundwork 

When your plants are adults, and you think they’re strong enough to bring outside, start by laying down the groundwork! Make sure that your soil is loose and aerated for proper root growth and water absorption. Measure your space and plan ahead, before you start planting. 

Landscape Cover Fabric 3oz PP Woven Weed Barrier

Black 4'x250' Landscape Cover Fabric is non-toxic and odor free, environmentally safe alternative to icide use. It is made of 3oz/sq.yd PP with UV treated minimizes degradation, blocks sunlight to prevent photosynthesis and suppress weed growth. Widely used in agriculture; Great for landscaping, greenhouse floors, walkways, conserving plantings, etc.

Carefully place down the landscape cover to minimize the growth of weeds and unwanted growths. This is because the thick, semi-permeable material allows your plants to absorb nutrients while blocking UV rays from weeds. Laying down landscape fabric is ideal for green houses, gardens, or stood and cedar walkways.

Light it All Up! 

What is the purpose of a fabulous home garden if you can’t enjoy it whenever you like? Experience an evening BBQ or midnight swim if you have a pool. Forget about expensive wires or electrical plugs when you harness the power of the sun! Use our solar powered lights to illuminate dark pathways and the shadowy areas of your garden effortlessly. 


10ft 8-rib Offset Patio Umbrella Solar String Lights Color Opt

This LED Solar String Lights fit for 10ft 8 rib Outdoor Patio Offset Aluminum Umbrellas perfectly. It adds instant warm feeling to outdoor in a very economical way. You can extend the enjoyment of your umbrella with a lighted canopy which illuminates your dining table or entertaining area well after dark. So Warm, so beautiful and romantic!

Protect Your Plants From Animals 

There is nothing worst than spending months caring for and watching your plants from seedlings, then having them destroyed by a fussy squirrel or a grump cat. There are many ways you can protect your garden from animals that are both natural and chemical. 

Benefits of using natural repellents. Natural repellents are good for the environment because they do not use harsh poisons or harmful chemicals that can potentially hurt the environment. While some environmentalists suggest adding cayenne pepper or other spices to deter critters, you can also build fencing or protective netting. 

Benefits of using chemical repellents. Chemical repellents can be more effective than natural products. Due to the fact they are made in a lab they tend to carry artificial scents and last longer than natural deterrents.

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We all know that during these times, the new normal is different. Step into the new year better than ever before. Honor the time you have with your loved ones, safely, and remember- a little creativity can go a long way. 

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