Inventions That You May Not Know Were Created By Women

Inventions That You May Not Know Were Created By Women

National Women’s History Month: Products That Were First Invented By Women

March is Women’s History Month and Yescom wants to celebrate this 2020 with the acknowledgment of some groundbreaking inventions, created by women. 

4. Makeup 

This may seem like an obvious one. But makeup practices were first recorded among the Egyptians in the early years but previous incarnations have been in practice since the beginning of time. All over the world men and women alike were known to dress in face paint and other cosmetic styles for various reasons. However, as traditions evolved, it quickly became more popular with women. In certain cultures, women wore makeup not to attract men, but to impress the Gods. The invention of the United States makeup market, however, is mainly accredited to the works of Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein who ushered in a new wave of branding and makeup technology. 

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3. Security Systems

In response to the rising crime rate in her town, Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the first home security system in 1969. Along with the help of her husband, this inventor created a closed-circuit television security system. Her studies led to the creation of video monitoring, remote-controlled doors, alarm triggers, and two-way voice communication. Yescom thanks Marie Van Brittan Brown for her wonderful work towards wireless home and car security systems.      

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2. Windshield Wipers 

While driving down a snowy New York road in 1902, Mary Anderson quickly noticed the dangers of having a dirty windshield. In addition to creating heavy traffic, icy windshields were often the cause of many accidents. Through her invention did not become popular right away, she only recently received some credit. Anderson was never paid for her invention, though it is used today in millions of vehicles worldwide. 

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1. Residential Solar Heating             

Technically, solar power was invented by French physicist Edmond Becquerel, but Dr. Maria Telkes took the idea to new heights when she invented the first home solar-powered heating system. Using solar energy, Dr. Telkes was able to create an instrument that converted heat into electrical energy. She used this device to filter heat through the pipes in homes, but also power solar stoves and water heaters.    

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Celebrating Women’s Month  

Yescom will always recognize the technological advancement and achievement among women. This year we ask everyone to acknowledge the contributions women have made and to honor them not only this month but all months of the year. 

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