Home Live Stream | What You Need to Know

Home Live Stream | What You Need to Know

Nowadays, there are so many reasons to live stream from home. Whether you’re live streaming for work, school, or to socialize streaming from home has become more important than ever. With this new wave, however, there is much to learn. Don’t worry, here at Yescom we will be teaching you everything to need to know about live streaming! 

How to Live Stream

Live streaming is simpler than you think. To get started, all you need is a camera and a solid internet connection. Many people use programs such as Zoom, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook to stream their live shows. These programs are popular because they are easy to use and are constantly getting upgraded. 

How to Choose the Best Backdrop 

Choosing your surroundings is very important as your visual presentation is key to your success. By using a professional backdrop you can transform your studio into whatever you like. Play around with your background and travel everywhere from the depths of space to the bottom of the ocean. Be sure to include your backdrop stand for security and safety. 

 What Kind of Camera Do I Need?

This all depends on what you are filming. Most productions for work can be filmed using a simple smartphone or laptop computer. However, more professional or theatric pieces of work may require a more detailed camera. Regardless of how you decide to film your live stream be sure that you get focused and steady footage. A great way to do that would be to use a camera stabilizer.  These unique tools will sure that you get a steady picture every filming. 

Do I need Photography Lighting?

More than likely, the answer to this question is yes. You're going some sort of lighting to balance the color and depth of your picture. Though you may have some luck using household lights we suggest using professional photography lighting. That way your skin will have a healthy glow on camera.  


 Check Your Sound 

Now that you got the look you want, you have to check your sound. Some artist prefer to use headphones while others enjoy a microphone and speaker. It really all depends on what you are filming and the overall look you want for your show. A popular choice for podcasts and radio shows is a microphone suspension arm. They are great because they can hold the microphone close while remaining off-screen.

 Yescom Has Everything You Need 

Yescom has everything you need to live stream regardless of what type of show you are filming. Check out our live streaming collection for the best prices and deals. 

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