Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pet for your Family

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pet for your Family

Which Pet is Right For You? 

Your pet makes your home feel complete. Whether you’re looking for companionship, responsibility, or protection, there are many reasons to get a pet. However, not every pet is right for every person or family. That’s why we at Yescom have compiled this comprehensive guide to choosing the right pet for you and your family. 

Should You Get a Puppy 

Dogs are usually the first animal the comes to mind when you think about getting a pet. Unfortunately, dogs are not for everyone. There are approximately 340 different dog breeds to date and each animal ranges in size, personality, and temperament. Before you decide on a dog, be sure to investigate the dog’s background and breed before you purchase. 

Since dogs have different temperaments and behaviors some breeds may be more difficult to train. This means your home could be in danger of getting destroyed. Untrained dogs have been known to: 

  • Destroy the furniture. Bite cords, urinate on valuables, rip up pillows 
  • Be unfriendly. Bite and distrust humans, attack other dogs and pets 
  • Act out in public. Untrained dogs can hardly be walked, pull and push their owners, refuse to move in the direction

If you have an untrained dog, then you may want to consider getting some sort of enclosure or blockage. 

A wooden pet gate works perfectly and keeps your dog out of areas they are unwanted. This way you can protect the furniture, or simply keep your pets away from guests who might be allergic. If you are keeping your dog outside, or want them in the same room as you, a dog playpen is the way to go. 

Do Cats Make Good Pets 

You either love or hate cats. Those who love them very quickly become attached to their fuffy and adorable new best friend. Cats can be great pets as most require very little training, especially when older. Young kittens, however, do require a lot of attention. Their curiosity can become dangerous and they could end up eating something that will choke or poison them. 

It is imperative to keep kittens in cages when you are asleep or not home to tend to them. This way you can ensure their safety and the cleanliness of your home. Not only should the cage be large enough to hold a small litter box, but it should also have enough room for the cat or kittens to get enough exercise and build strong muscles. We suggest a 3 tier cage like the one below. 

Is a Pet Bird Right for Me?

Just like with dogs, there are hundreds of different types of birds to choose from and each has its own special requirements and temperaments. After the initial cost, birds tend to be easy pets in terms of upkeep. Depending on the bird, they may be harder to train than some dogs or cats. While some birds, like parrots, are said to have the intelligence of a 3-year-old human child, others have a brain the size of a seed. 

When getting a bird, consider how well you deal with noise. Most birds can be fairly loud, especially early in the morning. If your bird is unexpectedly loud, you may just want to put the cage in another room. A hassle-free way of doing this is getting a large cage on a movable cart. You can’t stop the bird from singing, nor should you want to stop it from doing something that comes naturally. 

Keeping Rabbits as Pets  

Rabbits are gentle, quiet creatures so they make great pets for children. Many people keep rabbits without any huge issues, besides the fact that the rabbit’s cage could smell bad, even if it is cleaned daily. 

That is because rabbits, particularly Bucks, use their urine to mark their territory. 


For this reason, many people choose to keep their rabbits outside. A strong rabbit shelter will not only protect your rabbit from the elements, but its multilevel design will help it get exercise while breathing in the fresh air. 

Should I get a Fishtank?

A well put together fishtank can quickly become the centerpiece of the room. The beauty of the fish and the design of the tank can hypnotize you for hours. Though there are many great reasons to get a fish tank, the setup and upkeep can get expensive depending on the type of fish you get.

 Saltwater aquariums tend to be a little more expensive and harder to care for than freshwater but they also have more exotic and colorful fish options. Most fish require a heater, strong filters, general cleanings, and measured feedings. Having an aquarium takes just as much responsibility as it does with any other pet as it can get sick, catch illnesses, and die like any other animal. 

Regardless of what type of aquarium you decide to get, half the fun is in decorating it. We suggest using LED lights to give your fish a more vivid glow. 

Pets are a gift. Regardless of what type of pet you get be sure to give it the care it deserves. Check out the rest of our pet collection here at Yescom. 

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