Fog Machine Tips, Uses, and Ideas 

Fog machines are perfect for holiday parties, stage events, nightclubs, or whatever creative uses you can think of. They are used to enhance the atmosphere of any environment making it spooky, exciting, or mysterious. However, using the incorrect fog or running your fog for too long can severely damage your machine. In this article, we will be discussing the most frequently asked questions about fog machine uses. 
What is Fog?
There is a myriad of fog juices that can be used and each of them varies in quality and composition. Most basic fog juices are made from aerosol, propylene glycol, trimethylene glycol, or glycerin.   
What’s the Difference Between a Fog Machine and a Smoke Machine?
There is no difference between fog machines and smoke machines. Fog machines heat to a specific temperature in order to vaporize the chemical composition. The vaporization time of your fog mixture is dependent on the quality of juice you put into the machine. If you use the wrong fluid in your fog machine, then you risk over or under-heating your mixture. If the mixture is heated incorrectly you risk either creating wet or toxic fog which will ultimately damage your machine. 
Will a Fog Machine Set Off my Smoke Alarm?
 Yes. Most artificial smoke will trigger normal smoke detectors when it becomes dense enough. We suggest covering the smoke alarm with a bag or removing the battery before use. 
Is Artificial Smoke/ Fog Safe to Breathe? 
Fog smoke can be dangerous if you overheat the mixture. Overheated fog juice can cause residue and damage your machine. Over-heated fog is dangerous to breathe and can cause slip hazards. Use a high-quality fog machine and its recommended fog fluid to avoid harm to your body or machine. 
How do you Create Colored Fog?
The best way to create colored fog is to use colored lights! Although there are colored fog bombs that can be used but are more than often considered harmful and messy. 
Is the Smoke or Fog Particle Size Important?
Absolutely. The smaller the particles, the longer lasting the juice. The best fog machines use particle sizes around 2-micron mmd and have a settled rate of 18.5”/ hour.
Can I Use Any Brand of Fog Juice in my Smoke Machine?
Unfortunately, you can not use just any fog juice in your smoke machine. Generally speaking, fog machines have different boiling ranges and heating temperatures. Using the incorrect fog juice can potentially damage your machine and cause you physical harm. 
Do Fog Machines Make You Cough? 
If your fog machine is making you cough, then there is an issue with your machine or you should consider changing to a higher grade fluid. For those with respiratory conditions or asthmatic problems, we would suggest avoiding areas with dense fog or smoke. 
Is it possible to Add Scents or Fragrances to Your Smoke Fluid? 
We do not recommend adding anything to your fog juice mixture. This includes any scents or colorings. Adding chemicals or substances to your fog juice can damage your machine, affect the boiling point of your fluid, and the toxicity of your smoke. 
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