Celebrities Live Streaming | How to Give Your Own Show

Celebrities Live Streaming | How to Give Your Own Show

Best Celebrity Live Streams 

More people are finding ways to entertain themselves from home and live streaming has proven to become one of the most popular. From celebrities to stay-at-home moms to gamers and even pets owners, there is enough room on the market for almost any genre that comes to mind. However, while some shows are wildly successful, others have missed the mark. Let’s talk about some of the best celebrity live stream shows and what makes them great. 


Verzuz or @verzuztv is an Instagram live stream show put together by musical celebrity producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. The show consists of musical “battles” between artists from their own living room. Viewership has reached as high as 700,000 and has featured artists such as Erykah Badu, Jill Scoot, T-Pain, and Little Jon. 

What Works. To make a production like this successful you have to have a great audio setup. Some items you will need are: 

  • Microphone and speaker. A good quality microphone is imperative for musical performances
  • Microphone Stand. This is especially important for singers who perform from their diaphragm and prefer a hands-free setup. 

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library 

Using the platforms Facebook and YouTube, country singer Dolly Parton has created “Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library” where she reads classic children's stories like Max and the Tag-Along Moon live on camera. 

What works. One of the reasons this show has become popular because it mixes live action with colorful images. This helps engage her audience and keeps them interested. Consider getting a green screen backdrop to help give a captivating show.

Love is Quarantine          

Love is Quarantine is an online digital speed dating service. Participants are paired together by the creator, then embark on a series of digital dates. It is a fun concept that has quickly grown popular on Instagram and Youtube. 

What works. Nothing is more annoying than an unsteady camera. Whether you’re looking for love or not, make sure that you are seen in a clear and focused fashion. Use a camera stabilizer to get a balanced image. 

Keith Urban’s Live Concert 

Keith Urban is a country musician who has been using Instagram to live stream his concerts from his basement. Because they were canceled or postponed, Urban chooses to do the next best thing for his fans. 

What Works. Part of what makes his live shows great is that his home stage is completely lit up giving the feeling of a real concert. Give your show a professional look by using real photography lighting

Before you start your own show do your research by watching similar live streams. See what works and what you would change. Stick with high quality products and tools to help you broadcast yourself in the best possible way.     

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